Monday, November 15, 2010

Post Production/Editing Work Continues

I put the finishing touches on 2 more audio programs for University Press Audiobooks today.

"Modern Bodies" and "Wiki Government" will be available soon on I wish I could listen to the entirety of all the books I do post production work on. I'd be the most interesting conversationalist in the world if I had the time!!  UPA puts out an amazing assortment of books. Check em out:

I really appreciate doing the editing work. I'm a bit surprised by that, actually. I've always seen myself as much more of a performer and not necessarily patient with detail oriented tasks. However, I find that doing editing can be a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle, which my daughter will tell you I love!!!

I like the challenge of making an edit as seamless as possible,  getting the sound to match perfectly. All the tech skills I had to develop in order to have a home studio have really come in handy. I love having a break in recording, it gives my voice a rest, and lets my brain shift to a totally different kind of work.

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