Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Studio Up and Running

I finally have my new studio up and running and sounding good. Moving studios is a big deal, but it was a good move. The last studio sort of evolved by solving a series of problems as the arose. This time I was able to put all I have learned in the past 6 years into the design. It's funny how many annoying little things I lived with for years--cords that were in the way, or having the hook for my headphones JUST barely out of reach. Really--what was I thinking?

In any event, it is great to have this studio put together with all these things in mind. I feel so comfortable now. I sent off a sound sample to Myles at Books in Motion so he could re-do his presets for me for post production on my programs. I'm curious to hear from him how different the sound quality is. I feel like it is better. I hope that is the case.

Next up is a book on Alcohol for the Chelsea House. I've also done some post production for University Press this week. It is nice to be back at work.