Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Few New Projects on the Horizon

I just finished Linda Chalker-Scotts well respected book "The Informed Gardener". It will be available soon on If you are a gardener, it is a must. Listen while you work!!

Next up is "Firedance," a romance for a producer that's is new to me: AudioLark. I am looking forward to establishing a new working relationship, and to recording this title.

My good buddy, Myles, at Books in Motion tells me a new title is on it's way from them too. I didn't get a title, so it will be a surprise!!

And then I have the great honor of recording Todd Walton's beautiful book "Louie and Women"! I'm very excited about this project. He is the author of "Inside Moves," which was made into a very successful movie in 1980--was Academy Award nominated in fact. "Louie and Women" went to the first day of filming it's movie adaptation (with none other than Liam Neeson as Louie!!!), but got pulled at the last minute for one of the many mysterious reasons studios cancel pictures. In any event, I get to record the audiobook!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Small Victory

I'm about halfway through "One Small Victory" by Maryann Miller. It's a drama about a single mom who goes undercover as a drug user to be a confidential informant for the police after her teenage son is killed in a drug related car crash.

It's proving to be a very fun read, and being a single mother myself, I feel very connected to the protagonist. It will be available from Books In Motion and Audible soon.