Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Started new book today

Today I began recording a new book for Books In Motion. It is "A Picture of Guilt" by Libby Fischer Hellmann, published by Penguin. I'm about an hour in, and so far it is fun. The writing is very solid and the characters are very distinct. I am switching to this book for now, as there is a deadline on it, and then I'll go back and finish  "Medicine in Translation". That one has so many dialects to research that I feel I need to take my time. Best to get this one back first and then be able to take more time with the other.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Loving the New Equipment

I am really having a blast with the new equipment. ProTools 9.0.2 is so fast and (knock wood) completely glitch free! What a pleasure. The sound quality is incredible.

I am working on "Medicine in Translation" right now. As the title suggests it deals with non native English speakers so I am in dialect hell or heaven depending on the day!! It is really a challenge, so I am taking my time, using all of my dialect resources, and just trying to have fun.

Books In Motion informs me there is another project on the way from them, so I will look forward to whatever challenges that presents next.......