Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good to have my voice back!

I have been without my instrument for over a week now. Pretty scary. I never felt that sick, just a little puffy in my throat, and then my voice just went. I mean gone. Nothing. Nada. Scary.

Today I am almost back to normal. I've started a new book for Books In Motion, "Revenge For Old Times Sake," by Chris Neri. Very funny stuff.  This book seems to want to come out in my voice. Props to the author. It is a first person narrative, which makes it fun, and the protagonist is a smart alecky whip. After the last book it is nice to turn to something light and fun.

I need to wait to finish the final fixes on "Love in Condition Yellow." I am afraid that my voice might not match if I try to do it too soon. The final pages of that book were so moving that I kept having to do new takes because I kept getting choked up. I want the listeners to be choked up, NOT ME!! I am afraid to listen too closely to it for fear of beating myself up. I really think it is a wonderful book, and an important one. I hope I did it justice. It should be available soon on audible.com.