Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My daughter asks: "Do you ever not work?"

Yikes. She got me. It is difficult sometimes working freelance. I always imagined that I would never get anything done--just be a couch potato, but in truth it has turned out exactly opposite. I work all the time!! It is really important to me that I be available to pick Ivy up after school and be a mom who is available to her, and I think I manage that pretty well. But.... the problem is that every moment that she is in school is spent working. There is no ME time.

So today she asks, "Do you ever not work; you know,  just spend a day doing nothing?" Now I know this is a trick question. Or rather a lawyer's question; one only asked knowing full well in advance the answer. I tried to defend myself, but it was no use, because right before we'd had this discussion I had been downloading audio into ProTools for tomorrow's editing session. Why couldn't that wait until tomorrow? What is the compulsion to do it now? I don't know the answers. It's nice to have a kid who notices, though, and cares.

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