Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Killer Hang Nail!!

I am taking a break from editing, and typing this hunt and peck style because I have an insanely painful hang nail on my little finger. It is ridiculous; you'd think it was a gunshot wound! How can one tiny place on the body generate such intense pain?

Finished up the final work on 3 programs for Chelsea House today: Pope John Paul II, Civil War Leaders, and The Stock Market Crash of 1929. There was not a lot to do. The narrators turned in really clean work. I really appreciate that, and try to do the same when I am reading.

I will spend some time recording "Love in Condition Yellow" before I have to break to get Ivy from school, take her to her voice lesson, and then get to the theater for our Pay-What-You-Can community service performance of "Sweetest Swing"---Ah yes, the show must go on!! Hang nail or no!

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